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 What is Basemental Drugs?

Basemental Drugs is a collection of fully functional drugs and drug related activities for The Sims 4. The idea is to add more realism for people who want to add some illegal virtual flavour to their game.

The mod features custom drugs, custom animations, altered walkstyles, altered moods, altered needs, come-ups, peaks, comedowns, hangovers, overdoses, addiction, buying and selling interactions and loads more.

Basemental Drugs is base game compatible and works with the latest TS4 game patch.

 Want the latest in-development version?

Then you can head over to my Patreon page where you can download the latest in-development version of Basemental Drugs before everyone else, and try out the newest features. This is really your only viable option to support my creations and contribute to inspire me to keep on creating and updating the mod.

 What are the main new features of v1.1.5.06?

The main features of this version is the addition of 5 more Dealing Skill levels for Cocaine and 5 more Dealing Skill levels for MDMA. To read up on the rewards per level and all that jazz, click this link.

Basemental Drugs v1.1.5.06 (Downloadable from this site)

  • Cocaine Dealing
    • 5 more skill levels
  • MDMA Dealing
    • 5 more skill levels
    • MDMA ingredients only available to level 5 dealers
  • Ayahuasca
    • Added VFX around Sims that are tripping
    • Added tooltip to Ayahuasca Drink
    • Excluded Shamans from being able to be Drug Dealers
    • Turned off reading autonomy
    • Removed Swimming Autonomy for Shaman
    • Fixed for Sims with Carefree trait
  • Other
    • Friendship needed with Dealer to stop dealing drugs reduced
    • Headshop and Dark Web available on tablets

Basemental Drugs v1.2.9 (In development version available on Patreon)

  • Straight Edge Trait
    • New Icon
    • Happy buff in proximity of other Straight Edgers
    • Removed from calling customers
    • Not able to snort from sinks
    • No autonomous drug use
    • Not able to order online
    • Angry Reaction when asked to buy drugs
    • Not able to sell drugs
    • Not able to drink bar drinks
    • Won’t autonomously order bar drinks
    • Not able to snort speed
    • Not able to share speed
    • Not able to drink Ayahuasca
    • Not able to receive Ayahuasca
    • Not able to invite Shaman over
    • Not able to snort cocaine
    • Not able to share cocaine
    • Not able to do MDMA
    • Not able to share MDMA
    • Not able to smoke bongs
    • Not able to share bongs
    • Not able to receive shared bongs
    • Not able to smoke spliffs
    • Not able to receive shared spliffs
    • Not able to smoke blunts
    • Not able to receive shared blunts
    • Not able to roll spliffs
    • Not able to roll blunts
    • Not able to craft edibles
    • Not able to eat edibles
    • Not able to receive any shared drugs
  • Alcohol
    • New Bouncer Lot Trait
    • Fake ID item available from Drug Dealers
    • Teens might get carded when drinking at bars
    • Wasted/Messed Up guests might get kicked out of bars
    • Several new interactions linked to the bouncer
  • Weed
    • Ziplock bags now contains 10 buds
    • Increased uncured buds requirement to 15 for curing
    • Increased prices to ziplock bags in Buy Mode
    • Increased prices to ziplock bags from dealer
    • Increased prices to ziplock bags when selling
    • Weed Dealing is now illegal, watch out for cops
    • Weed Dealers can receive customer phone calls
    • Removed book tag from bong
    • Bongs are now shareable
  • Alcohol
    • Parental Reactions to Drunk Teens fixed
  • MDMA
    • New batches of all pills
  • MDMA Dealing Skill
    • Pill Presser available on Dark Web
  • Amphetamine Dealing Skill
    • 5 more Skill Levels Added
    • New Functionalities per level
    • Remove High Level Clients
  • Weed Dealing Skill
    • 5 more Skill Levels Added
    • New Functionalities per level
  • Pickpocket
    • Speed and Coke addicts can now pickpocket other Sims
  • Police Busts
    • Cops might show up on drug use
  • Other
    • Changed main Pie Menu Icon
    • New snorting animation
    • New pill popping animation

Basemental Drugs is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licencors.