• 5 different pills
  • Different effects on all pills
  • Coming up phase
  • Peak phase
  • Wear off phase
  • Comedown phase
  • Added walk-styles
  • Custom animation when eating pills
  • Pill glass with random amount of pills
  • Addiction chance on continous use
  • Non-fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Autonomy
  • Share pills with friends


The 5 different MDMA pills can be found inside an MDMA pill glass bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer or through Buy Mode (search for MDMA). The pill glass can also be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or by clicking on Sims and selling it by interaction. The pills includes autonomy, so if you place them at the club, NPC Sims are likely to take them and join the party.

To use the MDMA, first click on the Pill Glass and select “Open”. This will generate a random amount of 5 different pills with different effects and durations that will show up in your Sims inventory. You can either choose to take the pills directly from the inventory or drag it to any surface and take the pills from there. Click on the pill you want your Sim to take and select “Take pill”.

To share pills with other Sims, make sure you are friendly with the Sim you want to share with and that you have at least 1x MDMA pill in your Sims inventory. Click on the Sim and select MDMA from the Basemental Drugs pie menu. Select Share Pills, and select which pill you want to share. The targeted Sim will then be given the pill, proceed to eat it and partake in the effects of the drug.

To avoid a scenario where your Sim just keeps on eating all the pills in his or her inventory until there is none left, you can place the pills in one of the games storage chests.

If you keep on popping pills before letting the effect wear off, a stronger effect of the drug will kick in. From the second consecutive pill popped before entering the comedown phase there will be a small percentage chance of your Sim becoming addicted to the drug. From the third consecutive pill popped before entering the comedown phase there will also be a relatively small percentage chance of a non-fatal OD, and an even smaller percentage chance of a fatal OD.


Tools used: Sims4Studio, S4PE, XML Extractor, Notepad++, Blender, Adobe Photoshop
Meshes: Basemental (Pills), LivingDeadGirl – Converted by Brittpinkiesims (Pillglass)
Remeshes / recolors: Basemental
Thanks: DramaticGamer for invaluable advice regarding XML tuning