The cocaine lines can be found inside different sized cocaine bags bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer or through Buy Mode (search for Cocaine). The bags can be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or by clicking on Sims and selling it by interacting with them. Read more about how to buy and sell drugs here. The effect of the cocaine works really well when owning a retail store as the confident boost opens up for interactions like “Close the Deal” much quicker. The larger bags contain smaller bags, the smallest bags contains the lines of cocaine.


To use the cocaine, first click on the ziplock bags and select “Open”. Place the lines from your Sims inventory to any surface (table, counter, coffee table, dresser), click on the lines and choose “Do lines of coke”. You can also choose to snort the lines directly from the sinks in the game.

To snort lines from sinks, make sure your Sim has a line of cocaine in his or her inventory. Click on a sink and choose “snort line of cocaine”.


To share lines with other Sims, make sure you are friendly with the Sim you want to share with and that he or she is within line of sight. Place a line on a surface, click on it and select Share Lines of Coke with… and select which Sim you want to share with. The selected Sim will then proceed to walk over, snort the lines and partake in the effects of the drug.


If you keep on doing lines of cocaine before letting the effect wear off, a stronger effect of the drug will kick in. From the second consecutive line snorted before entering the comedown phase there will be a small percentage chance of your Sim becoming addicted to the drug. From the third consecutive line snorted before entering the comedown phase there will also be a small percentage chance of a non-fatal OD, and an even smaller percentage chance of a fatal OD.


  • 2 different qualities
  • Different durations and effects
  • Coming up phase
  • Peak phase
  • Comedown phase
  • Added walk-styles
  • Custom animation when snorting
  • Ziplock bag containing the cocaine
  • Bigger bags containing more cocaine
  • Autonomy
  • Addiction chance on continuous use
  • Non-fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Fatal overdose chance when overdoing
  • Snort from Sinks
  • Share lines with friends

Special Thanks

Meshes: a3ru (Ziplock bag, lines), Nicey Pooh (Cocaine Brick), KiwiSims4 (Large bag)