Drug Dealing



No more planning those pesky social events… good riddance!

Choose or create an NPC Drug Dealer Sim that should not be a playable character, and assign the Drug Dealer trait in CAS. This will be your go-to dealer when buying drugs.

To get the option to buy drugs from your newly assigned Drug Dealer, you need to get your friendship level up. The higher it gets, the more buying options you will have. When it is high enough you will also get the option to talk to the Drug Dealer to become a dealer yourself. You can choose between Amphetamine, Cocaine and MDMA Dealer, you can also choose all three if you want.

Once you start selling drugs yourself you will get access to higher quantities from your Drug Dealer to a much lower rate than what you will find in Buy Mode or through the Dark Web. When you get very friendly with your Drug Dealer you will get even more reduced prices on the higher quantity stuff.

If you at any time want your Sim to stop selling drugs, talk to your CAS assigned Drug Dealer again and let him know you want your Sim to stop selling. Your Sims Dealer Trait will then be removed.


To sell drugs to other Sims, make sure you have a ziplock bag of the drug you want to sell in your inventory, and that you have the dealer trait for the specific drug. The only drug you don’t need a dealer trait to sell is Weed. Click on a potential customer and select the Basemental Drugs pie menu, select the drug you are selling, for instance cocaine. Select “Sell high quality cocaine”. After selling to a customer there is a time constraint in place making sure you can’t just spam-sell to one Sim over and over. You actually have to do the legwork and grow your client base.

Also, make sure you get your friendship level with the potential customer up a bit first by performing some friendly social interactions. The drug deal will fail if your friendship level is too low.


To use this feature, make sure you have the latest version of Wicked Whims installed.

If your Sim is addicted to a substance, he or she can ask the dealer to exchange sex for drugs instead of paying for the drugs.

To exchange sex for drugs, click on the Drug Dealer, select the “Basemental Drugs” pie menu, and follow up with the “Desperate” pie menu. Select “Ask to Exhange Sex for Cocaine” if your Sim is addicted to cocaine, or “Ask to Exchange Sex for Speed” if your Sim is addicted to amphetamine. Proceed to have sex with the Dealer. The Wicked Whims cross-functionality makes sure that the dealer will always accept this proposition.

When the deed is done, click on the Drug Dealer again, go back to the “Desperate” pie menu and select “Receive Payment”. Your Sim will then get one high quality ziplock bag of the drug he or she is addicted to.

This Interaction runs through a couple of tests. One of which is a Gender Preference. The other is an integration with Wicked Whims which comes with a reward trait called Asexual. This Interaction will not appear at all if your addicted Sim has the Asexual trait.


To earn even more profit from selling cocaine or amphetamine, go into Buy Mode and buy the Baby Laxatives. Make sure your Sim have at least 1x high quality ziplock bag of cocaine or amphetamine in his or her inventory, click on the Baby Laxatives box and select “Cut Cocaine” or “Cut Amphetamine” to create a higher quantity but lower quality out of the high quality drugs.


  • Buy Drugs
    • New social interactions
    • The ability to buy drugs from your local dealer
    • Ask to exchange sex for Cocaine if addicted
    • Ask to exchange sex for Speed if addicted
    • Ask to exchange sex for MDMA if addicted
    • Wicked Whims integration for Sex/Drugs exchange
    • Removed the Buy Drugs Event
    • Added Drug Dealer trait instead to assign to a Townie/NPC
    • New friendliness system to Drug Dealer
    • Get higher quality drugs the friendlier you are with the dealer
    • Get better prices the friendlier you are with the dealer
    • Added gender preference test to “Ask to exchange sex for drugs”
    • Removed option to “Ask to exchange sex for drugs” for asexuals
    • Added dialogue option to become Amphetamine Dealer
    • Added dialogue option to become Cocaine Dealer
    • Added dialogue option to become MDMA Dealer
    • Added Gameplay Traits for all three Dealer kinds
    • Get access to larger quantities when you start dealing
    • New Icons for Buying Interactions
    • Tidied up categories for Buying
  • Sell Drugs
    • Sell weed when your Sim is carrying
    • Option to sell cocaine ziplocks with Cocaine Dealer trait
    • Option to sell speed ziplocks with Amphetamine Dealer trait
    • Option to sell MDMA pillglass with MDMA Dealer trait
    • Added friendship system on selling drugs
    • To sell drugs, you need to talk a bit with the customer first
    • Selling will fail if friendship level is too low
    • New Icons for Selling Interactions
    • Tidied up categories for Selling
    • Time constraints on selling to the same Sim
    • Addicted Sims can buy directly from playable dealers
    • Small chance of addiction given to customers
  • Dealing Skills
    • 5 Skill levels for Cocaine, MDMA and Amphetamine Dealing
    • Unlockable rewards for each level gained
  • Customer Phone Calls
    • Receive phone calls from customers who wants to buy drugs
  • Cut Drugs
    • New item: Baby Laxative (Can be found in Buy Mode)
    • Option to cut high quality powder to lesser quality, higher quantity

Special Thanks

TURBODRIVER for the cross functionality between Wicked Whims and Basemental Drugs