The cannabis can be found inside ziplock bags bought from a CAS assigned drug dealer, cultivated from cannabis plants or bought online.
The bags can be sold as a retail object if you have the Get To Work EP, or sold to other Sims by clicking on them selecting “Sell Weed”.


To grow your own cannabis, search for Cannabis Seed Pack from Buy Mode, buy it through a computer or click directly on a Planter Box and select “Buy Seeds”. Plant the uncured buds like regular plants, tend the plants until they grow more uncured buds. You can either use these uncured buds to grow more plants, fertilise your plants or cure them to create smokeable buds.

To cure your buds, buy an empty weed jar from Buy Mode. Add 10 uncured buds of the same strain in the Weed Jar, wait for a couple of days until you receive a buff that tells you that your cannabis is cured. Open the jar, and voila! Smokeable buds.


To smoke the cannabis, buy a Weed Bong, Smoking Papers or a Phillies Blunt Pack from Buy Mode and place it on a surface or in your Sims inventory. Make sure you have at least 1x Weed Bud in your Sims inventory. To roll a blunt, click on the Phillies Blunt Pack and select “Roll Blunt”, to smoke the blunt, click on the rolled blunt and select “Smoke Blunt”. To roll a joint, click on the smoking papers and select “Roll Joint”, to smoke the joint, click on the rolled joint and select “Smoke Joint”. To smoke from the bong, click on it and choose “Smoke Weed”, either from your Sims inventory or on a surface. The Sim will then proceed to pick up the bong and smoke it, the Bud will disappear from your Sims inventory. When your Sim has smoked it, the Bong will appear in the Sims inventory.

The buffs gained from smoking the different strains give you additional random buffs while your Sim is high, like uncontrollable giggles, mild hallucinations, and so on. It will also drastically reduce tense, angry and uncomfortable buffs.


To share a joint or a blunt, make sure you have a joint or a blunt in your inventory, click on a Sim you are friendly with and select “Share Joint” or “Share Blunt”. Easy peasy.


Click on any Stove in game, select Cannabis Edibles, select “Have Edible” to bake a single serving to your active Sim, or select “Serve Edibles” to bake a group serving to your household. (You may “call to meal” to have your guests baked <- see what I did there?)

I really wanted cured buds working as ingredients for cooking/baking edibles, unfortunately that would require me to rebuild more or less the entire mod from ground up, due to some technical stuff I won’t bore you with, so I had to stick with the next best thing. The ingredients had to be uncured buds. When selecting edibles it will specify how much of the specific uncured buds you will need for crafting the edibles.

There is a chance of your Sim becoming too high from eating edibles unless your Sim is a stoner. Then he/she should be able to handle it.


  • 3 Different Strains of Weed
  • Grow your own plants
  • Cure your harvested buds
  • Smoke the cured buds
  • Custom smoking animations
  • Red eyes while high
  • Added walk-styles
  • Smokeable Weed Bong (Buy Mode)
  • Contained in ziplock bag
  • Altered moods and needs while high
  • Smoke FX on animations
  • Autonomy
  • Rollable blunts
  • Rollable joints
  • Shareable joints
  • Edibles

Special Thanks

Meshes: a3ru (Bong), .Noir. (Ziplock bag), Niecey Pooh (Joint, Blunt, Smoking Papers, Phillies Blunt Pack) necrodog (smoke FX)