Police Busts


You can get busted by the cops when selling cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA or Weed. When you are at level 1 in either of the Dealing Skills the chance of getting busted is relatively low – the higher your level, the lower chance of getting busted. Cops will not come in and bust you if you are selling on your home lot.

When you get busted a cop will show up, walk over to your Sim, lecture him or her a bit, flaunt some handcuffs and they will walk off. Your Sim will disappear into jail, this is a rabbit hole event and you will not be able to follow him or her to jail.

When your Sim is released from jail all your Sims inventory has been confiscated by the police. This basically means that you need to be careful with having too much drugs on your person if you are afraid of getting busted. Storage chests are your friends from now on.

There is also a chance of getting a negative buff that lasts for 12 hours after being released from jail. There are several buffs that might occur, and these are chosen out of your Sims traits.

Example: If your Sim is Materialistic, he or she might get a Sad buff due to having lost all his or her drugs.

Get busted for using drugs (Currently only available on Patreon)

If your Sim use drugs outside of their home lot there is a small percentage chance of the cops showing up and busting your Sim.


  • Chance of getting busted
  • Rabbit hole Jail event
  • Confiscation of entire inventory
  • New debuffs post jailtime