To use the rehab function for your addicted Sims, click on your Sim, go to the Basemental Drugs pie menu, select “Rehab”, from there you choose “Go To Rehab”. The Sim will then promptly leave the lot and attend the first rehab session for a few hours. On return he or she will have a buff saying that the rehab is well underway, once this buff runs out, you can click on the Sim again and start rehab session #2. Same procedure goes for the third and final rehab session. Once all three sessions are done the addicted Sim will be rid of all addictions.

Each session costs 1000 simoleons.


If you are playing a Teen Sim and you are high around your parents or guardians, chances are they will notice it and yell at you for it. This will give your Teen Sim an embarrassed moodlet, and the guardian an angry moodlet which will turn into a sad moodlet. To smooth over the situation your Teen can apologize to the parent when they are in the midst of it.

If your Teen Sim is doing this a second time, the guardian will threaten them with rehab. If they do it a third time, the guardian will send them straight to rehab regardless of the teen being addicted or not. All of these interactions will cause a massive relationship loss between the two parties involved.

If the teen follows through with all the rehab sessions the guardian will commend them on being sober and the two parties involved will get a massive relationship boost.


  • Parents might autonomously send teens to rehab for drug use
  • Addicted Sims can go to rehab
  • Three separate rehab sessions to get completely clean