IRL Freebies! No Money Cheats Needed.

Written by Shunn

You might feel a little triggered when you hear “free” from EA. Lately, free (specifically Free Delivery) has meant a lot of glitches.

While you might expect some mod and CC chaos, it’s OK. Your favorite Sim can relax. Maybe somewhere with dry heat?

A new, free kit was released on Wednesday, 9/14/2022. EA announced that simmers can “redeem the Desert Luxe Kit as a gift for being part of our community”.

Desert Luxe includes 26 desert-themed furnishings. First, filter items in Build Mode to “Kits”. Then just look for the shades of brown! The mix of earthy colored furniture and outdoor items are perfect for your sims who “Loves Outdoors”.

Take the time to try every combination of the stone furniture. It’s designed to turn and connect in lots of different layouts. The desert vibes might just make you want to finally solve the Strangerville mystery or spruce up an Oasis Springs lot.

EA consulted with Aveline, who posts speed-builds on Youtube. Aveline (AKA Rosa) gave an overview of the items and her role in the Desert Luxe Kit creation on her YouTube channel. She also did an interview with EA about the collaboration. Let’s hope freebies (even temporary ones) and consulting with talented builders is the future of Sims 4 Kits!

The Desert Luxe Kit won’t be free forever. It’s redeemable at no cost until October 17th. Kits will usually cost you a Lincoln ($4.99 USD).

The Sims 4 base game is going free-to-play on October 18, 2022.

This is a heads up in case you already didn’t get it dirt-cheap during a sale by now. EA’s 9/14/22 announcement said, “With The Sims 4 going free to play, our team is more dedicated than ever to developing new and meaningful The Sims 4 experiences for our players.”

For those of us fluent in Simlish, we know this translates to lots of money going toward packs, kits, and Sims Delivery Express drops.

Recent trends might just mean lots of new content made by talented modders and inspired by The Sims franchise veterans.

The new kit is available for PC and Mac via Origin™ and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

Mods unscathed!

Written by Basemental

A new game patch was released 13 Sept that addressed some crucial game breaking bugs, namely the ones aptly named “Groundhog Day” and “The Aging Bug“.

My mods are all unaffected by this patch and thus did not require any fixing, repairing or nothing on my part.

EA also fixed some other bugs and annoyances with this patch, you can read the full patch notes here.

So, that’s it. Carry on like nothing happened, and happy Simming.

socially awkward!

Written by Shunn

The Sims 4 has given simmers the opportunity to follow their teen Sims into the most awkward, judgmental institution around: High School. What High School would be complete without socially awkward teens? We have EA intern Anna Machata to thank for the new “Socially Awkward” trait.  Testing out this trait was a wholesome, adorable way to explore the newest Sims 4 expansion. If you are normally averse to attributes that make socialization harder, being “Socially Awkward” is worth stepping out of your comfort zone. 

Socially awkward Sims get overwhelmed easily. However, this doesn’t deter them from wanting to tell everyone about their personality characteristic. The Sim may:

  • Develop the whim “Confess to Being Socially Awkward.” 
  • Open up to others about their uneasy feeling by being able to “Express Nervousness Around New Sims”.
  • Post about being socially awkward on Social Bunny.  The post narrative can be upbeat  or self-defeating. Here’s a hint if you are for more followers on this new social media platform: A positive attitude gets positive feedback.
  • Ask others for social advice. The reactions vary. The other sim becomes “Tense”. This will be followed by an eyeroll and the other Sim walking away. When Sims patiently stuck around to have a conversation, your Sim may develop a new Close Sentiment: I know They’ve Got My Back. 

It seems like there was a 50/50 chance of romance interactions landing. You can ask your crush or partner “Am I doing this right?”. If the answer is yes, your Sim will be Flirty and feeling encouraged by their partner.

The gameplay is full of props and perks for being open about anxiety. Venting to other Sims will decrease the time your Sim spends feeling “Overwhelmed” (Tense +1). While not every Sim will be understanding, these unique Sims receive nothing but encouragement from their main crew. Your socially awkward Sim can expect confident moodlets and supportive interactions when their squad is around. This is notably true if that squad member is also socially awkward (Sentiment: Two Peas In a Pod).

If you want to jump right in with a pre-made Sim, Kevin Puri is a teen with the Socially Awkward trait. Kevin is featured in the hype around the recent release of Sims 4: High School Years rocking a sweater vest. During gameplay, you’ll see Kevin at Copperdale High or at other venues around Copperdale.

This could be the beginning for more relatable traits that reflect IRL mental health struggles. The new attribute nails a step toward neurodiversity in the Sims 4 franchise the creator aimed for. You can read the interview with EA Intern Anna Machata and her experience developing the “Socially Awkward” attribute here:

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