Mods unscathed after game patch

April 26th game patch 1.87.40 was released. Luckily none of the Basemental Mods were affected by this patch therefore no repairing was needed on my part and no updating was needed on your part.

The patch was mostly a bunch of bug fixes, which is always a welcome addition if you ask me. And it also implemented a brand new UI for the login screen, which some people seem to love, some people seem to hate. Personally I am more in between those two camps, leaning more towards the ones that love it.

The design isn’t spectacular, but it is certainly a whole lot cleaner and less cluttered. And the Resume button for resuming your last save is a great touch in my opinion.

If you want to read all the patch notes you can find them right here.

Other than my mods not needing a repair from the last patch I am struggling a bit right now computer wise. I do all my graphics work on my iMac, that is various icons for the mods, textures for CC objects and graphics for the website and so on and so forth. It is honestly quite a bit that goes into the graphic design side of this. 

Sadly I woke up to my iMac having major issues a couple days ago, after a bunch of troubleshooting I think I have narrowed it down to the logic board (motherboard) having said good bye and thanks for all the fish.

What it means is that I can’t do jack squat graphic work until I’ve fixed it… Well, I am sure I will come up with a temporary solution but it’s not at all ideal. 

Anyways, that was todays news from the realm of.. well… me. 

Peace, love and all that jazz!

additional fix for prank package!

The first of April I added a prank file into one of my adult mods that featured an NPC called Base Mental that popped by seemingly at random and stole peoples doors while saying something like “nom, nom. Door is tasty!”

Most of you figured out on your own that to fix the issue you had to delete the additional package file included in the installation called “Reactions Simulation Lag Fix.package” – That was all there was to it.

Anyways, I still get the occasional message from people that find it difficult to remove that package on their own and have issues with rolling back their saves to fix their apartment doors in San Myshuno missing.

Therefore I uploaded some new versions to the game that will detect if you failed to properly delete the prank package in the startup notification, which will also prompt you to head over to my Discord Server with a direct link.

I also added improved logging to this version of the mod to make it easier for the awesome support team on my Discord Server to find other issues with incorrect installations like duplicate files in the Mods folder.

If you for some reason had your apartment doors stolen and found it a good idea to overwrite your save without apartment doors it is possible to fix this by rolling back your save to a previous version that worked. Of course after actually deleting the prank package.

To roll back your save simply go to the Load/Save Screen and click the Recover Save button.

If you happened to overwrite your game a whole bunch of times however you can use a mod called TOOL by TwistedMexi. This allows you to build more or less everywhere, including placing doors on apartment buildings.

If you think TOOL looks like a difficult mod to understand completely, here is a good tutorial on how it works.

All in all the vast majority of feedback from this years prank has been overwhelmingly positive, but for some people that have had major issues with this after the fact I truly do apologize. Trust me when I say it was meant to be nothing more than a harmless joke and of course never intentional to ruin your day. 

Last but not least, if you need any additional help with fixing this April Fools issue, please head over to the support channel on my Discord Server.

Are you on Discord yet?

In case you never even heard about it, Discord is an instant messaging platform. Users can communicate via voice calls, video calls text messaging, media and files in private chats or Discord servers. The servers are basically persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels which can be accessed via invite links.

Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and in web browsers. As of 2021, the service has over 350 million registered users and over 150 million monthly active users.

Now that we got the wikipedia copy-pasta out of the way, why should you be on Discord? 

Mainly due to the Basemental Mods Discord Server, where you can get real time support, chat with likeminded people and get instant announcement regarding mod updates and other news.

What are you waiting for?