Acquire Adderall

There are several ways to acquire Adderall, read up on this to get the full rundown on all of them.

From Dealer

One surefire way to get a hold of Adderall is to buy it from your local neighbourhood dealer. Read up on how buying drugs work here.

From the Dark Web

You can also buy Adderall directly from the Dark Web on your Sims computer or tablet. This requires you to be at least level three in either of the Dealing Skills. You can read more about how the dealing skills work here.

From your Doctor

If your Sim has the ADHD Trait, they might be prescribed Adderall as ADHD medication after a doctors appointment. To set up a doctors appointment, click on your Sims phone, go to the Dealing tab, select “Doctors Appointment”. This will be a cheaper option than the aforementioned options, but will not work unless your Sim has the ADHD Trait.

Sidenote: Sims with the Active Trait also has a slight chance of being misdiagnosed from a doctors appointment and might also receive Adderall from a successful doctors appointment.

Using Adderall

From The Bottle

To use Adderall straight from the bottle, click on the bottle and select “Pop Adderall” – Each bottle comes with 20 pills.

Crush Pills

If your Sim wants an immediate stronger high from the Adderall, click on the bottle and select “Crush Pills” – This will use 2 pills from the bottle. Use the crushed Adderall lines by either placing them on any surface and snort them from there, or snort them at a nearby Sink.

You can also share a line with a nearby Sim you are friendly with by placing the line on a surface, click on it and select “Share With…”


The main effects of the drug is a mixture of energy and focus, and an increase in the success outcome of interactions related to studying and homework in general.

ADHD Trait

You can find the ADHD trait in CAS, in the Emotional category. Simply add it to any Sim you want for the added challenge of having trouble with keeping attention on most long drawn tasks.

What it does is:

  • Make your Sim cancel out of interactions early
  • If your Sim gets any focused buff, it will rapidly decay and get removed
  • Make it way harder to do homework, study, etc.
  • Plus various other traity things like Whims, etc.

Sims with ADHD will, when taking Adderall, experience other effects than Sims without ADHD, they will no longer cancel out of interactions when medicated, and get a boost in studying interactions, as well as regain their ability to focus on various tasks.

If a Sim with ADHD increase their prescribed Adderall dosage, they might experience various negative debuffs.

Side Effects

Overindulging is never a good thing. I am sure your Sim will pop Adderall like a responsible adult, but if that is not the case, here are some of the side effects that might occur.


Sims who keeps on popping a lot of Adderall will eventually get an “Addicted to Adderall” buff. This buff lasts for 5 days and is refreshed every time your Sim keeps doing that drug. If your Sim is not under the influence while the buff is active, he or she might get a lot of negative debuffs until he or she takes more Adderall.


If your Sim does too much Adderall in the same sitting he or she might experience a non-fatal or fatal OD. Fatal OD’s are much less common than non-fatal ones. If your Sim has a non-fatal OD, the energy levels will plummet and he or she will eventually pass out. If your Sim experience a fatal OD, however… Well… Game over.