Basemental Drugs


7.17.164 (PUBLIC)


11 Sep 2023
A collection of functional drugs for The Sims 4. The mod features custom drugs, custom animations, altered walkstyles, altered moods, altered needs, come-ups, peaks, comedowns, hangovers, addiction, rehabilitation, and loads more. Basemental is in no way promoting, encouraging or glorifying the use of drugs in real life. The harsh realities and negatives of prolonged drug use is a key feature of the mod.

Mod Requirements

Base Game, Universal Venue List

Installation Instructions

!! Choose between zip or exe installation, not both !!
!! The .zip installation works for both Windows and Mac !!

• If you are updating, delete the old version from your Mods folder first
• Download and extract the contents of the Downloaded zip file
• Place the extracted files in a subfolder within your Mods folder
• Delete the downloaded zip file

This is a script mod, and script mods can not be placed further than 1 subfolder deep from your Mods folder.

Correct Installation Path:
Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/Basemental Drugs/

Incorrect Installation Path:
Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/Some Folder/Basemental Drugs/

!! Choose between zip or exe installation, not both !!
!! The .exe installation only works for Windows !!

• If you are updating, delete the old version from your Mods folder first
• Download and run the exe file
• Delete the downloaded exe file

Since the exe file is released by a small independent developer it lacks a code signature, meaning Windows will most likely tell you that it might be harmful to your machine. It is not, however. To circumvent it, click “Show More Info” and “Install Anyway”. If you think this sounds sketchy you can rather go the manual installation route as outlined below…


=== Changing World ===
  • Changed prices on a regional basis
  • New batches of pills out on the streets


=== Addicts Anonymous ===

  • Join Addicts Anonymous
  • New skill for 10 step program
  • Rabbithole Events for attending meetings
  • Phone Calls to and from Sponsors
  • New social interactions linked to AA
  • Become sponsor for other AA members
  • New “Craving” mood for former addicts
  • New milestone for joining AA
  • Added new milestone to cheats menu
  • A bunch of new buffs


=== Optional Packages ===

  • New optional package
  • Wine Maker (requires Horse Ranch EP)
  • Turns Nectar Maker into Wine Maker
  • Changes all references to Nectar to Wine
  • Alters ingredients of Wine Maker
  • Added Yeast item to ingredient list
  • Wine will get Sims drunk


=== Fixes / Other ===

  • Fixed pre-addiction typo
  • Fixed ketamine bug in Psychonaut aspiration
  • Fixed bug with kids coming to collect drug debt
  • Fixed bug with “Remove Vapers” setting
  • Legalization updated for Chestnut Ridge
  • Dispensaries updated for Chestnut Ridge
  • Fluctuating prices updated for Chestnut Ridge




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