Acquire Ayahuasca

To get a hold of ayahuasca in game, you need to get in touch with a Shaman. Click on your Sims phone, go to the “Dealing” menu and “Invite Shaman Over”.

When the Shaman arrives, request ayahuasca from him. He will hand over a coffee looking mug which will appear in your Sims inventory. Cancel the conversations with the Shaman, click on the mug and select “Drink Ayahuasca”.

Consuming Ayahuasca

Drinking Ayahuasca

Click the mug in your Sims inventory and select “Drink Ayahuasca”. Your Sim will proceed to drink it, and the Shaman will act as a trip sitter throughout your Sims trip, giving words of Shamanic wisdom and all that.


The Ayahuasca trip is split into different stages.

The first stage is a stage of anticipation of what’s to come. Your Sim might get sick and vomit during this stage.

When the trip kicks in regular autonomy works a bit differently than usual, your Sim won’t autonomously go watch TV, eat food, clean up or do stuff like that. He or she is more likely to stargaze, watch a painting on a wall for hours etc.

Your Sim will also get a few additional buffs that alters his or her mood and needs decay, as well as walk style.

When the trip is over your Sim will be left with a post-trip buff that lasts for several days, the post-trip buff assigned to your Sim depends on your Sims traits. It might also change some of your Sims less desirable traits into more positive traits.

Drift Away

At a certain point you might get a notification telling you that it is time for your Sim to close his or her eyes and drift away. (There is not a 100% guarantee that this will happen during every trip).

If that notification appears, click on your Sim, go to the “Drugs” pie menu, “Spiritual Journey” sub menu and select “Drift Away”.

I am not going to go into details about what happens next, but rather wish you good luck in breaking through to the other side.

Side Effects

At the time of being, you can’t overindulge in Ayahuasca, stronger effects on heavier doses might be implemented in the future, though.