Need to get in touch? The best way to do that is through the Basemental Drugs Discord Server. If you need any support help we are more than happy to help you out, or if you just want to chat with other users of the mod and hang out, we got a channel for that as well.


This channel is for chatting, hanging out and just getting in touch with other users of the mod.

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If you tried all the stuff in the Troubleshooting, but still can’t get the mod to work, get in touch with us in the support channel.

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Come across a bug in the mod, or something that isn’t working as intended. Use this channel to see if it’s reported already.

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Did you know?

Basemental Drugs has a cross functionality with the WickedWhims mod by Turbodriver, and some of the features of the mods only works with both installed.

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Patreon version

For access to the in-development version of this mod, head over to Patreon. You’ll get access to the newest features while they are in development.