Create a Gang

To get started, first of all you need to create a gang. Here’s a quick rundown on how to do that.

Maxed Out Dealing Skill

This mod is created for you guys who have played with Basemental Drugs and maxed out either of your four Drug Dealing skills, and want to grow your Drug Dealing empire even further.

If you are maxed out in any of those four Drug Dealing skills, simply click on your dealing Sims phone, go to the Gangs menu and select “Create a Gang”.

If you want to play with Gangs but haven’t maxed out a dealing skill yet, open the cheat console and type in “bmg.enable_gangs” when your potential Gang Leader is active, this will give your Sim the Cocaine Dealer trait and max out their Cocaine Dealing skill. Now, click on your Sims phone, go to the Gangs menu and select “Create a Gang”.

Create a Gang

Once you have clicked “Create a Gang” on your Sims phone, you will get the option to choose from 4 different gangs*.

* Note: There can only be 1 gang per game world. Meaning, if you choose Newcrest Thugs as your gang on your Sim, you can’t select Newcrest Thugs as the gang for a different Sim in that game world. You can try to do it, but you will get a notification pop up that Newcrest Thugs already exist in your world.

The gangs available to choose from are as follows:

  • Simkuza (rival gang – La Cosa Simstra)
  • La Cosa Simstra (rival gang – Simkuza)
  • Newcrest Thugs (rival gang – Fifteenth Street Gang)
  • Fifteenth Street Gang (rival gang – Newcrest Thugs)

Click on the Gang you want to become the leader of. Congratulations, you are now officially a gang leader. Time to start recruiting some gang members.

Hire Gang Members

Once your gang is created you will get a notification in the top right corner outlining how to hire your first gang members. With this mod, it is important that you pay attention to the notifications. Not only on level up, but also during general gameplay. The level up notifications show you how to utilize your new level perks, so most of the information found in this tutorial can also be found in game while playing.

Hire Your First Gang Members

Simply click on your phone, go to the Gang menu and simply select “Hire Gang Members”. This will open a Sim Picker where you are able to select most* Sims from your game world. Select three gang members and click “OK”.

*Some Sims are excluded as potential gang members. Celebrities are disallowed, as well as NPC Drug Dealers and High Level clients. So are family members living in the same household as your Sim. If you want to recruit a family member, have them move out of the household first.

Recruiting and Cheats

If you are inclined to cheat up your Gang Leader skill level: do not cheat up from 0-10, this will cause you a lot of problems. I recommend not cheating it up at all, but rather play it as it’s meant to be played, which is by far a more enjoyable and fun experience, but if you have to cheat, do it like this instead:

After you have created your gang and recruited the first gang members, cheat up one level. Pay attention to the notifications, do the perks, ie. If it says “Now you can buy a headquarter”. Do that, before cheating up one more level, follow those notifications, cheat up one more level, etc.

Gang Members

After you have recruited your first gang members, it’s time to meet up with them. Click on your phone, go to the Gang menu and select “Invite Gang Members” to have them come over to where your Sim is at, or “Meet Gang Members” to meet up with them at a different location.

Once they arrive you are able to customize their appearance by clicking on the Gang Members, go to the Gangs menu and selecting “Plan Outfit”. This will lead you to CAS, and you will be able to customize all of their clothes, from sleepwear to casual to formal, etc.

The mod also comes with some additional CC gang tattoos to make the gang members look even more genuine.

Now you should be ready to send them on some missions.


This mod is largely focused around micromanaging your gang, and sending your gang members on various missions. From pushing drugs to beating up rival gang members. The different type of gang members will have different type of missions available. Some of the missions also vary from gang to gang.

Send on Robbery

One of the first missions that will be available for your first recruits will be “Send on Robbery”. This is a good starting point to get a feel of how the system works.

Click on the gang member, go to the Gang menu and select “Send on Robbery”. The gang member will then leave the premises and return in a set amount of hours.* Once the gang member returns, you will get a notification in the top right corner that they have returned and you need to click on them to get an update on how the mission went down. They will either have been successful or unsuccessful with their mission. A successful mission will give your gang leader a cash reward* and give your gang member a boost to their loyalty score, an unsuccessful mission will give your gang member a loss to their loyalty score, and opens up the option for your leader to discipline the gang member.

*The amount of hours it takes completing a mission as well as the potential cash reward depends on the nature of the mission.

Enforcer Missions

Once you have levelled up a bit you will be able to hire two enforcers. These guys are high ranked gang members with the ability to be sent on some more rewarding and complex missions, the main one being (depending on the gangs), extorting local businesses for protection money or taking over and placing smaller crews on corners to push drugs.

These missions takes a day or two to complete and the more corners/businesses you control the higher the weekly payout. Assuming you control at least one business, you can talk to your enforcers every Friday to have them give you your cut of the racket. If you are not in your gang HQ or on the same lot as your enforcers they will give you a call asking you if they can drop by with this weeks cut.

Eventually you will also be able to start taking over businesses/corners controlled by your rival gang. Be warned, though, this might lead to a gang war.

Drug Pushing Missions

You can send both your regular gang members and your enforcers on drug pushing missions for all four drugs that comes with a Dealing Skill, that is cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis and MDMA.

This is an additional perk meant for those of you who have maxed out either of these skills and have easy access to high quality, high quantities of those drugs.

This is what you need in your Sims inventory to send them out to push drugs for you:

  • Cocaine – 1x high quality brick
  • Amphetamine – 1x high quality package
  • Cannabis – 1x ziplock bag of each of the 6 strains
  • MDMA – 1x (large) ziplock bag of each of the pills


If a gang member hasn’t come back from a mission within a few days, and you suspect that mission isn’t supposed to take that long, chances are you might have missed the notification of them returning and they left.

To get a hold of them, click on the Gang menu on your Sims phone and select “Invite Gang Member”. Invite the gang member over to see if they have indeed some news about the mission for you, if they don’t, chances are they aren’t done with the mission yet, in that case you can ask them to leave.

Leader Skills

Here is a rundown on the level perks for all 10 Leader Skill levels.

Level 1
You have just become a gang leader and you can hire three gang members.

Level 2
You can send your gang members on robbery and drug pushing missions. You can also talk about your gang to other Sims.

Level 3
You can hire two enforcers.

Level 4
You can send your enforcers on extortion/corner-takeover missions. You can also intimidate other Sims.

Level 5
You can now hire a right hand man. A lot of the gangs operations are handled through the right hand man.

Level 6
You can now purchase a gang headquarter. Talk to the right hand man for more details.

Level 7
You can arrange sit downs with the rival gang leader by talking to your right hand man.

Level 8
You can hire two bodyguards.

Level 9
You can send your enforcers to your rivals turf to take over their protected businesses or corners. Talk to your right hand man for more details.

Level 10
You can now oversee huge drug shipments. Talk to your right hand man for more details.