Your right hand man can be useful for a bunch of things. One of which is to provide you with in-game tutorials explaining how features work.

Asking for Information

Simply click on your Right Hand Man, select the Gang menu and Information. Here you’ll have access to information regarding how many businesses/corners you are controlling, how gang members work and a lot more.

Whenever you are in doubt how a feature works, it’s always a good idea to check with your Right Hand Man first.


Your Right Hand Man will give you some opportunities every now and then. Either by walking over to you and presenting the opportunity or, if he is not on the lot, give your Sim a call and presenting the opportunity by phone.

How to Accept an Opportunity

First of all, you need to be in your gang headquarter to start an opportunity, unless it’s initiated from a phone call.

Talk to your Right Hand Man, select the Gang menu and Opportunities. The available opportunities will be listed there.

An opportunity is basically an event, it could be meeting with some Selvadoradian Drug Lords who wants to sell you drugs at a cheap price or talking to a local business owner who wants protection for his store.

Gang Headquarters

Once you reach a certain level you will be able to purchase your own gang headquarter. This is where all your business will be conducted, opportunities take place and where all your gang members will hang out.

Different Headquarters

The purpose of your headquarter will vary depending on the gang you are leading. This is a rundown of the different gang headquarters:

  • Simkuza – Only available for Simkuza members.
  • La Cosa Simstra – Run this as a café or bar. Click on the bar and select “Hire Mixologist”, lock the backdoors for everyone except gang members and conduct your business from there.
  • Fifteenth Street Gang – Cocaine addicts will show up here to buy cocaine from your gang members, then promptly leave.
  • Newcrest Thugs – Cocaine addicts will show up here to buy cocaine from your gang members, then promptly leave.

Purchase Headquarters

You will get a notification when you level up that you are able to purchase a headquarter. The notifications will walk you through it, but here is how it works in any event.

Go to the world map and select a venue that isn’t owned by anyone.*

Change it’s venue lot type to the relevant gang HQ venue.

Go back to your leader Sim, talk to your Right Hand Man, select Gangs, Opportunities and then Purchase Headquarter. Select the venue you just altered.

If you want some premade headquarters, go to the gallery and search for the hashtag #basementalgangs – There’s a lot of good stuff to choose from.

*If you have other mods with custom venue lists, delete those venue lists as the Basemental venue list adds them. If you miss a venue from any mod that adds custom venues, get in touch on Discord so it can be corrected in an update.

Lock Doors

At your gang headquarter you will have the option to click on any door on the lot and lock it for everyone but gang members and special guests. Special guests. Special guests in this case means the NPC’s coming over as part of the opportunity events.

Buy an Additional Headquarter

If you for some reason missed out on buying the headquarter the first time you had the chance, you want a new one, or an additional headquarter, type this cheat into the cheat console: “bmg.buy_additional_hq” when your leader Sim is active/selected.

Rival Gang

You will eventually run into messages from your gang members about your rival gang moving in to your turf or taking over your businesses/corners.

You can also repay the favour by sending your enforcers out to take over their businesses/corners when you are at a high enough level.

This might prompt a gang war.

Sit Down with Rival Leader

To sit down with the rival gang leader, talk to your right hand man and select the “Sit Down with Rival Leader” option.

If you haven’t created a Rival Gang in your game world, now is the time to do that. I’d advice you to level them up until they at least get a couple enforcers while you are at it. The higher the level, the more interesting it gets.

There are two different scenarios each with two different outcomes when sitting down with the rival gang leader. One for wartime and one for times of peace.

If you are at war you can try to come to an agreement and suggest a peace treaty or escalate the war further.

If you are in a time of peace you can be insulting and start a gang war, or go into a temporary partnership with the rival gang leader, collaborating on a mission.

Gang War

Whenever you are in a war with the rival gang, you will get extra missions for your gang members involving attacking the rival gang.

If your gang members meet rival gang members on the street they will also autonomously start to fight each other.