Create a Gang
Organized crime is the dirty side of the sharp dollar.
Maxed Out Dealing Skill

To get started, first of all you need to create a gang. Here’s a quick rundown on how to do that…

This mod is created for you guys who have played with Basemental Drugs and maxed out either of your four Drug Dealing skills, and want to grow your Drug Dealing empire even further.

If you are maxed out in any of those four Drug Dealing skills, simply click on your dealing Sims phone, go to the Gangs menu and select “Create a Gang”.

If you want to play with Gangs but haven’t maxed out a dealing skill yet, I have provided you with some cheats to enable you to do it without all the legwork. When your potential Gang Leader is active, type in either of these four cheats to give your Sim the relevant dealer trait and max out the dealing skill specified in the cheat.

Cocaine dealer trait and maxed out cocaine dealing skill

Weed dealer trait and maxed out weed dealing skill

Pill dealer trait and maxed out pill dealing skill

Speed dealer trait and maxed out speed dealing skill

Now, click on your Sims phone, go to the Gangs menu and select “Create a Gang”.

Create Your Gang

Once you have clicked “Create a Gang” on your Sims phone, you will get the option to choose from 4 different gangs*.

* Note: There can only be 1 gang per entire game world. Meaning, if you choose Newcrest Thugs for your Sim, you can’t select Newcrest Thugs as the gang for a different Sim in that game world. You can try to do it, but you will get a notification pop up that Newcrest Thugs already exist in your world.

The gangs available to choose from are as follows:

  • Simkuza (rival gang – La Cosa Simstra)
  • La Cosa Simstra (rival gang – Simkuza)
  • Newcrest Thugs (rival gang – Fifteenth Street Gang)
  • Fifteenth Street Gang (rival gang – Newcrest Thugs)

Click on the Gang you want to become the leader of. Congratulations, you are now officially a gang leader. Time to start recruiting some gang members.


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