Gang Headquarters
The bigger the headquarters the more decadent the company. -James Goldsmith
Different Headquarters

Once you reach a certain level you will be able to purchase your own gang headquarter. This is where all your business will be conducted, opportunities take place and where all your gang members will hang out.

The purpose of your headquarter will vary depending on the gang you are leading. This is a rundown of the different gang headquarters:

  • Simkuza
    • Only available for Simkuza members.
  • La Cosa Simstra
    • Run this as a café or bar.
    • Click on the bar and select “Hire Mixologist”.
    • lock the backdoors for everyone except gang members and conduct your business from there.
  • Fifteenth Street Gang
    • Cocaine addicts will show up here to buy cocaine from your gang members, then promptly leave.
  • Newcrest Thugs
    • Cocaine addicts will show up here to buy cocaine from your gang members, then promptly leave.


Purchase Headquarters

You will get a notification when you level up that you are able to purchase a headquarter. The notifications will walk you through it, but here is how it works in any event.

Go to the world map and select a venue that isn’t owned by anyone.*

Change it’s venue lot type to the relevant gang HQ venue.

Go back to your leader Sim, talk to your Right Hand Man, select Gangs, Opportunities and then Purchase Headquarter. Select the venue you just altered.

If you want some premade headquarters, go to the gallery and search for the hashtag #basementalgangs – There’s a lot of good stuff to choose from.

*If you have other mods with custom venue lists, delete those venue lists as the Basemental Universal Venue list adds them. If you miss a venue from any mod that adds custom venues, get in touch on Discord so it can be corrected with a prompt update.

Lock Doors

At your gang headquarter you will have the option to click on any door on the lot and lock it for everyone but gang members and special guests. Special guests. Special guests in this case means the NPC’s coming over as part of the opportunity events.

Buy Additional HQ

If you for some reason missed out on buying the headquarter the first time you had the chance, you want a new one, or an additional headquarter, make sure your leader Sim is active/selected and type this cheat into the cheat console:


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