Gang Members
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Pay Attention!

Once your gang is created you will get a notification in the top right corner outlining how to hire your first gang members. With this mod, it is important that you pay attention to the notifications. Not only on level up, but also during general game play. The level up notifications show you how to utilize your new level perks, so most of the information found in this tutorial can also be found in game while playing.

Hire Your First Gang Members

The hiring and removing of members is done through a menu you access from your Sims phone, called “Manage Crew”.

Click on your phone, go to the Gang menu and select “Manage Crew”. When you’re starting out this will only list “Gang Members”, but more options will be unlocked for this menu as your Gang Leader skill level increases.

When you click on Gang Members, you will see a button called “Hire”, clicking this button will open up a Sim Picker where you are able to select most* Sims from your game world. Select three gang members and click “OK”.

*Some Sims are excluded as potential gang members. Celebrities are disallowed, as well as NPC Drug Dealers and High Level clients. So are family members living in the same household as your Sim. If you want to recruit a family member, have them move out of the household first.

Manage Your Crew

If you want to remove one or more gang members, open “Manage Crew” one more time from the Gang menu on your Sims phone. Once you have hired 1, 2 or 3 gang members, the option to remove them is visible. Click on “Remove” to remove them. This will give you the “Hire” option back so you can replace them with someone else.

This revamped system (for those of you that are used to how the mod used to work) also solves the problem with gang members dying and you not being able to replace them with a new one. Previously, if a gang member died they would still be a part of your gang as a ghost. This is no longer the case. Once they die they are out of the gang and you will get the option to hire a new gang member to replace the dead one.

Once you progress to a higher Gang Leader skill level, the hiring and removing of the rest of your members is also done through the same Manage Crew system.

Gang Members

After you have recruited your first gang members, it’s time to meet up with them. Click on your phone, go to the Gang menu and select “Invite Gang Members” to have them come over to where your Sim is at, or “Meet Gang Members” to meet up with them at a different location.

Once they arrive you are able to customize their appearance by clicking on the Gang Members, go to the Gangs menu and selecting “Plan Outfit”. This will lead you to CAS, and you will be able to customize all of their clothes, from sleepwear to casual to formal, etc.

The mod also comes with some additional CC gang tattoos to make the gang members look even more genuine.

Now you should be ready to send them on some missions.

Mission Tracking

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not a gang member is still out doing a mission or if they’ve returned from a mission but you simply missed the notification of them returning which lead to them promptly leaving the premises before you got a hold of them.

To check up on this, you can use the “Track Missions” part of the “Manage Crew” menu. You can either track any mission in progress, or any mission currently completed, or track by specific mission.

Say you want to check if any of your gang members have completed a mission but you missed their return from said mission, you can quickly check this by using the “Missions Completed” option.

This will give you a notification in the top right corner if one or more gang members to meet those criteria are found.

If you simply want to check whether or not any of your Gang Members are currently out on a mission, you use the “Mission in Progress” option. Again, this will give you a notification in the top right corner if one or more gang members to meet those criteria are found.

Lastly, you can track individual missions to check which mission you have already sent someone out on.

Click “Track by Mission” to get a list of all the available missions for your current Gang Leader Skill Level.

Click on whichever mission you feel like checking up on and you will, like with the aforementioned options, get a notification in the top right corner of your screen that will tell you whether or not someone is out on that mission and if it’s completed or not.

Playable Gang Members
You are also able to play as a gang member and not just the leader of the gang. Either with a gang member or enforcer you have already recruited while playing as a Gang Leader, or by joining an existing gang.

Join Gang
The prerequisite for joining a gang is that the gang exists, and that the Leader has reached level 7 so they have a Right Hand Man and a Gang HQ.

Get friendly to the gangs Right Hand Man and ask to join.

If the gang is already full you will get a picker to remove one of the 3 low ranked Gang Members first, and you’ll be in afterwards.

Click on your gang member’s phone and select the Gangs menu, from here you can choose a Mission.
Some of them are Rabbithole missions, while others are Drug Pushing missions that you have to play through on your own.

Once a mission is complete, click the Gangs menu on your gang member’s phone again and select “Return to Gang“. This will transport you to your Gangs HQ where you can talk to the Right Hand Man to give an update on the Mission Status.

Weekly Cuts
To be eligible for a weekly cut of the Gangs profits your gang member must perform two successful missions per week.
Weekly cuts can only be collected on Fridays. Talk to the gangs Right Hand Man to collect.

Gang Member Skill
To advance in the Gang Member Skill levels, simply perform missions and perform Gang Member related interactions. You will get bonuses and increases in Weekly Cuts per level you advance.

Plot Gang Takeover
To plot a gang takeover your gang member must be at level 10 in the Gang Member skill. Click on the Gangs menu on the phone and select Plot Gang Takeover.

This will give you an option of 4 different assassination options. Think this through before trying it out, though… if it fails your gang member might get killed instead of the current Gang Leader.


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