Tutorial Title
Leadership is influence. -John C. Maxwell
Level Perks

Here is a rundown on the level perks for all 10 Leader Skill levels.

Level 1
You have just become a gang leader and you can hire three gang members.

Level 2
You can send your gang members on robbery and drug pushing missions. You can also talk about your gang to other Sims.

Level 3
You can hire two enforcers.

Level 4
You can send your enforcers on extortion/corner-takeover missions. You can also intimidate other Sims.

Level 5
You can now hire a right hand man. A lot of the gangs operations are handled through the right hand man.

Level 6
You can now purchase a gang headquarter. Talk to the right hand man for more details.

Level 7
You can arrange sit downs with the rival gang leader by talking to your right hand man.

Level 8
You can hire two bodyguards.

Level 9
You can send your enforcers to your rivals turf to take over their protected businesses or corners. Talk to your right hand man for more details.

Level 10
You can now oversee huge drug shipments. Talk to your right hand man for more details.


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