Rival Gang
What rivalry? I win all the matches. -Martina Hingis

You will eventually run into notifications from your gang members about your rival gang moving in to your turf or taking over your businesses/corners.

You can also repay the favor by sending your enforcers out to take over their businesses/corners when you are at a high enough level.

This might prompt a gang war.

Sit Down with Rival

To sit down with the rival gang leader, talk to your right hand man and select the “Sit Down with Rival Leader” option.

If you haven’t created a Rival Gang in your game world, now is the time to do that. I’d advice you to level them up until they at least get a couple enforcers while you are at it. The higher the level, the more interesting it gets.

There are two different scenarios each with two different outcomes when sitting down with the rival gang leader. One for wartime and one for times of peace.

If you are at war you can try to come to an agreement and suggest a peace treaty or escalate the war further.

If you are in a time of peace you can be insulting and start a gang war, or go into a temporary partnership with the rival gang leader, collaborating on a mission.

Gang War

Whenever you are in a war with the rival gang, you will get extra missions for your gang members involving attacking the rival gang.

If your gang members meet rival gang members on the street they will also autonomously start to fight each other.


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