Get Famous

(Requires the Get Famous expansion pack)

Whenever you assign a celebrity client to your list of clients, you will gain a bit of fame, the higher rank the celebrity has, the more fame you will gain. The only real way to gain fame with Basemental Drugs is from performing the “Seal the Deal” interaction with a celebrity.

Once you reach rank 1, I recommend you to go for the middle branch of the Fame ladder which starts with “Networking” – from there all you need to do to gain more fame points is actually socializing with your celebrity clients.

Get Clients

Get Acquainted

Getting to know the celebrities can be a daunting task. Particularly introducing yourself to them, as all Sims seem to be very easily starstruck, apparently.

As long as you are a mid to high level dealer, introducing yourself to the celebrities is way easier. The initial thought is that the celebrities knows who’s who and are eager to get their hands on some drugs, so you have a much higher success rate in terms of introduction.

Note: There is no 100% guarantee that your Sim will manage to pull of an introduction to a celebrity Sim, but it is extremely likely. If it doesn’t work the first time around, wait it out a bit and try again.

It is a bit harder to jump straight into chatting about drugs with them, though, so my advice is to use quite a few “Friendly” social interactions to begin with before even going into the subject of drugs. It is not impossibly hard by any means, but it is harder than performing these interactions with “regular mortals”.

Celebrity Clients

Once you have managed to “Seal the Deal” with a celebrity, you will get some fame points. The higher level of the celebrity the more fame points you will get, meaning you need fewer Global Superstars on your client list than Noticeable Newcomers to get to rank 1 on the fame ladder.

To check who’s on your Celebrity Client List, click on your active dealer Sim, go to “Customer Lists” and select “Celebrity Clients”. These clients are not like regular clients in a couple of ways, first of all, they won’t call and invite themselves over to your place to buy drugs, they will rather invite you over to their homes (assuming they actually own a home in your world and aren’t homeless game generated celebrities).

Every celebrity above rank 4 will also be able to buy Cocaine Bricks or Speed Packages (assuming your Cocaine or Amphetamine Dealing Sim is above level 3 in either of those two dealing skills).

They can only buy large quantities once per week.

Get In Clubs

To get into the VIP club as a drug dealer, you can choose the “Explain Supply Need” interaction with the VIP bouncer. You can find the interaction alongside the other Bouncer Interactions for trying to get into the club.

If you are a mid to high level dealer you have a high chance of pulling this off.

Get Reputation

When you have reached rank 3 of the fame ladder reputation will start factoring into the equation of how the general public perceives you.

Here is a rundown on the various interactions that gives good or bad rep implemented so far:

Good Rep

Huge Gain

  • Finish Rehab

Large Gain 

  • Bribe the Police
  • Go to Rehab

Tiny Gain

  • Sharing Weed
  • Sharing Shrooms
  • Sharing MDMA (to clubbers)
  • Sharing Cocaine (to clubbers)
  • Sharing Amphetamine (to clubbers)
  • Laundering Money

Bad Rep

Huge Loss

  • Getting Raided

Large Loss

  • Getting Busted

Medium Loss

  • Exchanging sex for drugs

Small Loss

  • Sharing Cocaine (to addicts)
  • Sharing Amphetamine (to addicts)

Tiny Loss

  • Too many witnesses when your Sim is dealing
  • Sharing MDMA (to non-clubbers)
  • Sharing Cocaine (to non-clubbers)
  • Sharing Amphetamine (to non-clubbers)

There is a few other ways to get good rep if you want to keep up appearances and be perceived as a decent citizen in the eyes of the public. Like donating to charities and so on and so forth.