Acquire LSD

There are several ways to acquire LSD, read up on this to get the full rundown on all of them.

From Dealer

One surefire way to get a hold of LSD is to buy it from your local neighbourhood dealer. Read up on how buying drugs work here.

From the Dark Web

You can also buy LSD directly from the Dark Web on your Sims computer or tablet. This requires you to be at least level three in either of the Dealing Skills. You can read more about how the dealing skills work here.

Using LSD

LSD Blotter Sheet

To use LSD, click on the sheet of paper and select “Use LSD” – Each blotter paper comes with 10 tabs.


There are a whole bunch of different outcomes to an LSD trip, so each trip won’t feel like the same as the last one. When doing multiple tabs of acid, the effects will be even stronger.

If your Sim does LSD the days following a trip they will have a weak and quite uneventful trip due to their tolerance levels being temporarily boosted.

Sharing LSD

Feature to come.

Side Effects

Due to the nature of the drug, there are no fatal overdoses nor addiction tied to it.

Your Sim can however experience negative and unpleasant trips.