Basemental Eco Hacks




Feb 29 2024
Change every districts eco footprint by the click of a button.

Mod Requirements

Base Game, Eco Lifestyle

Installation Instructions

!! The .zip installation works for both Windows and Mac !!

• If you are updating, delete the old version from your Mods folder first
• Download and extract the contents of the Downloaded zip file
• Place the extracted files in a subfolder within your Mods folder
• Delete the downloaded zip file

NOTE: This is a script mod, and script mods can not be placed further than 1 subfolder deep from your Mods folder.

Correct Installation Path:
Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/Basemental Eco Hacks/

Incorrect Installation Path:
Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/Some Folder/Some Folder/Basemental Eco Hacks/

How it Works

Click on any mailbox and select “Basemental Eco Hacks”

From there you will get a menu popping up where you can alter the various footprint settings.

All Districts
> First select the region, then select the district you want to change to Green, Neutral or Industrial. It is that simple
Current District
> Set the current district your active Sim is on to Industrialized, Green or Neutral
Lock Footprints
> Stop the footprint decay, ie. lock it in place
Slower Footprint Decay
> Slow down the footprint decay

If you slow it down or lock it, that particular item on the menu will be changed to “Normal Footprint Decay”. Click on that to set it back to Normal speed.

Stacking Sunrays/Auroras
If you are one of the unfortunate ones that have the stacking sunrays/auroras bug, I sorted you out with a cheat to fix your bugged out lot.
When you are on your bugged out lot, access the cheat console by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + C
Then type in the following cheat: basemental.ecohacks_sunrays_fix


=== Version 2.5 ===

  • Repaired for patch 1.105.332
  • Added Tomarang Districts


=== Version 2.4 ===

  • Repaired for patch 1.103.250


=== Version 2.3 ===

  • Added Chestnut Ridge Districts


=== Version 2.2 ===

  • Added San Sequoia Districts


=== Version 2.1 ===

  • Added Spanish translation by Mr. Fralien


=== Version 2.0 ===

  • Added Russian translation by esqdumper


=== Version 1.9 ===

  • Added Polish translation by Aarathiel


=== Version 1.8 ===

  • Added Copperdale Districts


=== Version 1.7 ===

  • Added Italian translation by ISY’S TRANSLATIONS
  • Added German translation by Maarkan
  • Added Norwegian translation by AnoNorwegian


=== Version 1.6 ===

  • Added Tartosa Districts
  • Added Mt. Komorebi districts
  • Added Henford on Bagley districts


=== Version 1.5 ===

  • Changed Globe icon
  • Replaced the All Districts feature with an improved version where you select the districts per region


=== Version 1.4 ===

  • Added a cheat for people with the stacking sunrays/auroras to fix their bugged out saves
  • Fixed the Maxis bug causing the LE referring to Sunrays Situation not being removed with a workaround


=== Version 1.3 ===

  • Enabled access to Eco Hacks menu from apartment mailboxes


=== Version 1.2 ===

  • Added French translation by PetiteCeriseSims
  • Added Chinese translation by mumulinovo

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