Police Busts

Selling Drugs

Your Sim can get busted by the cops when selling cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis or MDMA. When you are at level 1 in one of those Dealing Skills the chance of getting busted is tuned relatively high – the higher your level, the lower chance of getting busted.

When your Sim gets busted a cop will show up, walk over to your Sim, lecture him or her a bit, flaunt some handcuffs and they will walk off. Your Sim will disappear into jail, this is a rabbit hole event and you will not be able to follow him or her to jail.

When your Sim is released from jail all of the items in your Sims inventory has been confiscated by the police. This basically means that you need to be careful with having too much drugs on your person if you are afraid of getting busted. Storage chests are your friends from now on.

There is also a chance of getting a negative buff that lasts for 12 hours after being released from jail. There are several buffs that might occur, and these are chosen out of your Sims traits. Example: If your Sim is Materialistic, he or she might get a Sad buff due to having lost all his or her drugs.

For the most part the police busts will happen off your Sims home lot.

If you own the Get Famous Expansion Pack you will get a large reputation loss if you get busted by the cops.

Using Drugs

If your Sim is using cocaine, amphetamine or MDMA outside their home lot there is now a small percentage chance that the police will show up, confiscate his or her belongings and throw the Sim in jail for some time.

Home Busts

Picture an empty glass with a tiny hole at the bottom of it.

Whenever your Sim sells a small amount of any drug (ziplock bags, individual pills and so on) it’s like you are pouring a bit of water into this glass. If you reach the top so it pours over the cops will show up on your Sims doorstep (or wherever your Sim may be at the time of over pouring). The small hole in the bottom of the glass means that if you wait a bit before selling, the glass will automatically empty itself. If you go overboard and have your Sim sell to a boatload of customers, that tiny hole won’t be able to keep up with your frantic glass-filling and the cops will show up.

If you have been selling a lot and want to keep on selling a lot without waiting it out, you got two options:

Option 1) Bribe the Police (Cocaine Dealing lvl 10 reward)
This option will empty the entire glass, but it will cost you quite a few Simoleons. Bribing the Police will also increase your Sims relationship with corrupt cops. This relationship will decay over time, unless you nurture it with more bribes. You may only bribe the cops every 3 days.

Option 2) Launder your Money
You can read up on how Money Laundering works below.

Note that with Police Busts difficulty set to Easy or Off in Settings, the cops won’t bust you on your home lot.

Swat Raids

OK! Remember that perfectly pristine glass analogy from 5 seconds ago?
Here is yet another one!

Picture an almost identical empty glass as the one described earlier. But this time. No hole.

Whenever your Sim buys or sells a large amount of any drug (bricks of cocaine, packages of speed, etc.) it’s like you are pouring a bit of water into this glass. If you reach the top so it pours over you will have a full blown raid on your hands.

A raid can only occur on your Sims home or owned retail lots.

The sergeant of the raid will take your Sim to jail (much like with a regular bust), the rest of the team will unlock all locked doors on the lot and confiscate as much illegal drugs and paraphernalia they can muster during the time the raid lasts. This includes plants.

Sims who are on any customer list for buying drugs will immediately flee the scene whenever they are in proximity to the Swat Team.

Whenever the raid is over the glass is empty, starting from scratch.

Since this is clearly not a self-draining glass, how can you empty it without being raided?

Launder your Money!
You can read up on how Money Laundering works below.

Note that with Police Busts difficulty set to Off in Settings, the raids won’t happen.

Money Laundering and Corrupt Cops

Money Laundering

First things first; you need the Get To Work Expansion Pack for this feature.

Buy a retail lot. Place a computer on said retail lot.
Click on said computer and go to the Money Laundering menu.

Whenever you launder money through the computer, it is like you pick up both those glasses I previously mentioned and pour out a decent amount of water from both of them.

The higher amount you launder, the more you pour out.

Your Sim will receive a 12 hour buff after laundering money, whenever that buff runs out you are free to withdraw your brand spanking new, laundered money through the same computer.

Note that you can only launder 5k, 10k or 25k at a time, and the amount you launder will add up.
As an example: If you launder 25k, then 25k then 10k you can withdraw 60k.

The amount you can withdraw is starting on 20k, then 40k, 60k and so on, upwards to the maximum amount you can keep in your “Simoleon Laundromat” being 200k.

Corrupt Cops

Once you have established a working relationship with your Sim and the corrupt cops by bribing them on the regular, not only does your Sim have a decreased chance of police busts, but also an increased chance of the corrupt cops calling your Sim up and informing them if there is an incoming SWAT raid. If this happens it will trigger a “Stash The Drugs” mini game before the SWAT pops by.

Stash the Drugs

The mini game is simple. You have a short amount of time to run around frantically in your owned venue and click on stuff like counters, beds, sofas etc. and select “Stash Drugs”.

For each stash interaction a random drug object will be picked from your inventory, and each storage location can only hold 5 items.

Once you return from jail you can click on the objects where you stashed your drugs, open them and get your drugs back.