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There is a clear distinction between games and real life!

Whenever you buy Basemental Merch, the profit will be donated at the end of each calendar year to a charitable organization working to prevent substance abuse. Last years proceeds was donated to the Norwegian charity, Barn Av Rusmisbrukere ( Children of Drug and Alcohol Abusers).

This year, instead of donating the profits to a charity, the donation will go to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet around the holiday season. The goal is to help these families provide their children with a proper celebration and ensure that they can keep their houses warm during a time when electricity bills may be high.

Want To Translate The Mods?

If you are interested in translating mods but don’t know where to start, here is a nifty little tutorial for you. Courtesy of MizoreYukii.

Once you have finished translating any of Basemental’s mods, be it one of the smaller ones like Eco Hacks or the larger adult themed mods head over to the Basemental Mods Discord Server.

Once logged into the Discord Server, please contact any member of the Support Team to gain access to the channel specifically created for translators. We will take it from there to ensure your translation is featured directly on the website.