Acquire Shrooms

From Dealer

To get a hold of shrooms you need to contact your Sims drug dealer. Make sure your Sim has a solid friendship with him or her, or the option to buy shrooms won’t show up at all. Read up on how buying drugs work here.

Grow Your Own

You may also grow your own shrooms.

To start growing, buy a Planter Box from Buy Mode. Place it in your Sims home lot. Place the shrooms you bought from your dealer on top of the soil in the Planter Box. Click on the shrooms and select “Plant”.

Your Sim will then plant all of the shrooms placed there. Tend the shrooms with water, love and care (as you would do with regular plants in the game).

After a while you will get a yield of new edible shrooms from the plants.

Eating Shrooms

Eating Shrooms

You may have your Sim eat the Shrooms directly from the plant, placed on a surface or straight from your Sims inventory. Just click on the edible “Fruit” and select “Eat Shrooms”.


Psilocybin will send your Sim down an unpredictable trip of a bunch of different varieties. The buffs, moodlets and need decays as well as additional buffs or debuffs that might come with it comes in stages and is designed in such a way that no trip will pan out the exact same way as the last.

After the trip your Sim will be left with a post trip buff that lasts for 3 days. The way shrooms work as of right now, he or she can’t do more shrooms for those three days. This is subject to change in upcoming versions, though, as this feature is under development.

Shrooms Overhaul
(Currently only available on Patreon)

If your Sim eats more shrooms he or she will get stronger effects. There are also added effects throughout the trip with surprise elements I will rather have you experience on your own than to indulge that information.

Your Sims might get sick (puking) while eating, and if your Sim eats more Shrooms the following days after a trip, the effects will be noticeably weaker.

Sharing Shrooms

To share the shrooms, make sure you have them in your inventory, click on a Sim you have at least 25% friendship with, “Share Drugs” and select the Shrooms from there. The friend will then eat them and partake in the trip.

Side Effects

Your Sim will experience post trip effects that range in variety depending on the trip and what he or she learned from it. The post trip buffs lasts 3 days and may alter some of your Sims traits when added.