Acquire Steroids

There are a couple of ways to get a hold of Steroids.

From Dealer

One surefire way to get a hold of Steroids is to buy it from your local steroids dealer. This is not your regular NPC dealer, but rather a shady individual called Roy D. Dillon that hangs around the gym.

Befriend him and you will eventually get the option to buy steroids from him. Note that you have to be in the gym to purchase steroids, he doesn’t deal off the premises.

From the Dark Web

You can also buy Steroids directly from the Dark Web on your Sims computer or tablet. This requires you to be at least level three in either of the Dealing Skills. You can read more about how the dealing skills work here.

Using Steroids

There are two different kinds of Steroids available.

Testosterone Enanthate

This is the weaker, and safer option of the two. It will get your Sim jacked, albeit not as fast or effective. It will also reduce the risk of the worst of side effects if used somewhat responsibly


Trenbolone gives impressive muscle gains. Five times more potent than testosterone it is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids  on the market.

Using the Steroids

Both of the steroids comes in vials of 5 doses. To inject a dosage, place the vial outside your Sims inventory (on a counter for instance), click on the vial, and select “Inject”. Your Sim will then walk over to the bathroom, take their clothes off and inject the drug into their thighs with a syringe.


Both of the aforementioned steroids will give your Sim an energized buff after use, which also boosts your Sims ability to build their fitness skill, and gain muscle mass. This effect is increased if the dosage is upped and if it’s used in succession over the course of several days / weeks.

Aliens and Vampires

Aliens will not respond to steroids the same way humans respond to steroids. I am not going to give this away, but if you have an alien Sim, give it a go.

Vampires will not get the most severe of side effects from steroid usage, and they can also drink the blood of steroid users, instead of injecting, to get the steroid effects.

Bloodwork and PCT

Irresponsible use of steroids may cause permanent damage to your Sim, and as a means to avoid that you should pay attention to this part of the tutorial.


It is recommended that you regularly monitor your Sims bloodwork while they are on a cycle of Steroid usage.

To check up on your Sims bloodwork, click on the Dealing tab on your Sims phone, and click on Doctors Appointment. Lastly, click on Bloodwork.

Your Sim will then leave for a check up, if everything looks alright, your Sim will only pay the price of the actual check up, if not the doctor will prescribe Estrogen Blockers for your Sim, which is what you want to start your Post Cycle Treatment.

Post Cycle Treatment (PCT)

If your Sim has been overdoing, or had an extensive cycle of steroids usage, it is recommended that they start on a PCT.

You can get a hold of Estrogen Blockers from a Bloodwork checkup as detailed above, or directly from the Dark Web.

You can start the treatment right away, but you will not be able to inject more steroids while undergoing PCT. You can also go down a riskier route of calming down on the steroid usage to make sure your blood pressure goes down, continuously check up on your Bloodwork to get an all clear from the doctor and inject more steroids, or wait until the effects and side effects are all gone before starting your PCT.

When you start PCT you need to keep on top of it and remember to take one pill each day until the treatment is all complete. If you skip a day or two the treatment might be unsuccessful and your Sim might end up with permanent liver damage.

Side Effects

Overindulging is never a good thing. I am sure your Sim will inject Steroids like a responsible adult, but if that is not the case, here are some of the side effects that might occur.


The side effects vary from mild to severe. From the temporary section be prepared to experience everything under the sun, from back acne, roid rage, nausea, dizziness, headaches and being inexplicable horny.


If you overdo your injecting habits and don’t monitor your blood pressure your Sim might die from a heart attack while injecting, or if you go all out and don’t follow up with a needed PCT your Sim might contract permanent liver damage which comes with side effects they can’t get rid off and a chance of death due to liver failure.